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Lenard’s Lawn Care Service is a quality, not quanity driven company. We want your lawn to be the best in the neighborhood and we are not in a rush to get to the next lawn. Our normal scheduling only has enough lawns to have the team work eight hours a day. Our team leaders have at least 5 years experience in the lawn maintenance field. We only hire the best of the best because I know the kid next door and anyone with a truck and a lawn mower can be in the lawn care business and do it cheaper than we can. Our goal is not to be cheaper than everyone else, but to be better professionals. We look forward to working with you to make your lawn beautiful not just this year, but for every year you have your home or business.

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Green Industry Pros

Lawn & Landscape

Mike Lenard


Mike has 7 years experience in the grounds maintenance field. He enjoys working with our customers to ensure they are satisfied with their service and loves turning their lawn into the envy of the neighborhood.

Calvin Williams

Lawn Maintenance Supervisor

Calvin has been working in the grounds maintenance for 8 years; he enjoys working outdoors and especially lawn care work.


Ron Keefus

Fertilization and Weed Control Application Specialist

Ron has been an application specialist for 20 years. He enjoys seeing the result from his hard work.


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