Lawn Fertilization in Virginia Beach

Virginians love the outside world. Lush green lawns and gently waving trees are part of the whole Virginia experience. Did you know that the way that you maintain your lawn or have it maintained can have a dramatic impact not only on its beauty but also on the world around you? One example of this is fertilizing your lawn. When the weather warms up and people see springtime in the offing, most people think of that brilliant green lawn and make plans to fertilize.  The problem with that is that springtime may not be the best time to fertilize. That’s what makes it so important to hire an expert who can advise you on the best times for specific types of treatments to your lawn. Making sure that you get the right kind of fertilizer and apply the right amount in the right way at the right time is imperative in order to get that great looking lawn that you want. Choosing Fertilizer In most cases, whether you do it yourself or your lawn care expert does it for you, before you begin a regimen of fertilizer a soil test is the best way to determine what your soil requires. The results of the test will tell you what the pH of the soil is as well as what kind and amounts of nutrients are already present in the soil. Based on the results of that you and your lawn care professional can find the right kind of fertilizer that …

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Mower Maintenance Tips

Spring is here and in most of the country it’s time to think lawn care. That means time to make sure that everything is ready for you when it is time to get the grass cut. If the mower wasn’t carefully cleaned and drained of gasoline prior to the storage over the cooler parts of the year, now is the time to do a little maintenance before it’s used for the first time. Getting the mower ready for a long summer workout should include: Drain any old gasoline that may have been left in the mower and replace with new gasoline. Check the underside of the mower. If it has grass or dirt caked on it get it cleaned up. Scrape off the grass that is on the mower and then clean with a brush. Check the air filter on the mower. It’s quite likely dirty and could be clogged, causing the mower to run less efficiently. It’s usually quite cheap to replace an air filter so it should be done every spring or summer. Dull blades on the mower mean a bad job mowing that could actually damage the grass you are cutting. If you are handy can sharpen the blades yourself then do it but if not then call someone and let a pro do it. When your blade is dull it makes your mowing have a white appearance and the tip is torn. How often you need to sharpen depends on the size of your lawn and …

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