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Natural Lawn Care. Is It the Right Answer for You?

Natural lawn care sounds like it’s going to be quite dramatic and difficult to accomplish. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  Your lawn care professional is probably already practicing natural lawn care for you. Here’s the thing. . .  According to the U.S. National Wildlife Federation, where  heavy chemical pesticides are used, we see the death of more than 60 – 90% of earthworms. Earthworms are important for soil health and when you find them, you can rest assured  that their presence is a good indication that the soil in your lawn is healthy for vibrant green grass to grow. What that means is that if the chemicals we use to protect plants from pests and to keep them healthy destroy the earthworms, the result is not only unhealthy for your lawn but its unhealthy for the environment too. The best way to lower our use of  chemical fertilizers and pest controls is to practice natural lawn care. Natural lawn care  is a method of care that results in a healthy lawn and creates an envornment that is naturally resistant to weeds, insects, and diseases. If you want a beautiful lawn that is also friendly to the environment here are a few tips for you. A beautiful lawn begins and  ends with soil health. That means test the pH of the soil and make sure that it is ideal. Soil testing is easy enough that most people can purchase a kit and do it themselves however if …

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Regular Lawn Care Means a Healthier Lawn

Lawn mowing is typically seen as a very simple task. If you’re doing nothing more than mowing the lawn without any foresight, that is quite true. For the lawn care professional, there is a lot more involved than just putting blades to grass and shortening the length of it. The lawn care professional is trying to achieve a gorgeous looking carpet of lush green grass. Regular mowing and how the mowing is undertaken means a lot to the overall good health of the lawn. Whether it’s done correctly or incorrectly can alter the way that the grass grows and even whether or not it grows at all. Photosynthesis is the process by which grass takes the sun and uses that to make food for the grass out of the nutrition that is found in the soil. The longer the lawn leaf, the more food that is made to keep the grass healthy.The lawn that is mown very short will produce less food and will need more attention to the overall state of their health. It could even increase the risk of death of part of the grass. Knowing this, it makes it easy to understand why lawns that are primarily in shade will need to have a longer cut than those which are grown in full sun. Lawn mowing and learning about its foibles can be a real chore for people. We are all guilty of putting off lawnmowing for too long sometimes and regular lawn mowing is also important …

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Safe Mowing Tips-From Our House to Yours

Lawn mowing and maintenance is something that everyone has to do. We all want to do the job well and also safely. According to the Center for Childhood Safety, preventable injuries are the number one cause of death among both children and adults in our country today. Whether you are paying a lawn service or you are doing the job yourself,  here are a few tips to help you to accomplish  your lawn mowing safely. Walk through the yard and pick up anything that may be lying there so that you prevent it from being thrown. Make it a point to remove all children and animals from the area while you are mowing. Keep them out until the mowing has been completed. Wear clothing that offers some measure of protection while you are mowing the lawn. Don’t wear flipflops or  sandals and make sure that you are wearing glasses or sunglasses during the time you are mowing or using the spin trimmer. Never disable any of the safety features on your mower. Make sure that if you let go of the handle that your mower will stop and prevent further cutting. Never park your lawnmower on the pavement while running. The mower can easily pick up particles and throw them much further on pavement than they will fly on the actual lawn. Don’t allow children under the age of 13 to operate lawn mowing equipment or to ride on a riding mower alone. Before any young person is given access …

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