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The Right Mowing Makes the Grass Grow Better—Yes, Really.

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Mowing your lawn doesn’t seem like rocket science does it. In some cases you’ve been doing lawn mowing since you were a kid and the parents said, time to get that grass cut. The question is, even after all this time, what do you really know about mowing the lawn? How much do you know about what kinds of grass should be mowed how often? What have you learned about the proper mowing height? if you’re like the rest of us. the answer is next to nothing. That’s many many people opt to hire a professional to care for their laws. Why It’s Important to Mow to the Right Height The lawn that is correctly moved to the right height has some serious advantages. If you do mow properly your grass is going to be more drought tolerant. In addition, it will have fewer weeds and be overall much healthier. That means you get that lush green grass that is the talk of the neighborhood. Different kinds of grass require different heights when you are mowing. As a general rule of thumb, grasses in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, as well as the Tidewater areas, require: – Tall Fescue: 2”-4” – Bermuda: 0.5”- 2.5” – St. Augustine: 1”-3” At Lenards Lawn Care, we recommend that you cut your lawn to the tallest recommended height. The reason is that deeper roots will allow the grass to be more drought and disease tolerant. For more information or for making an appointment for your …

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Regular Lawn Care Means a Healthier Lawn

Lawn mowing is typically seen as a very simple task. If you’re doing nothing more than mowing the lawn without any foresight, that is quite true. For the lawn care professional, there is a lot more involved than just putting blades to grass and shortening the length of it. The lawn care professional is trying to achieve a gorgeous looking carpet of lush green grass. Regular mowing and how the mowing is undertaken means a lot to the overall good health of the lawn. Whether it’s done correctly or incorrectly can alter the way that the grass grows and even whether or not it grows at all. Photosynthesis is the process by which grass takes the sun and uses that to make food for the grass out of the nutrition that is found in the soil. The longer the lawn leaf, the more food that is made to keep the grass healthy.The lawn that is mown very short will produce less food and will need more attention to the overall state of their health. It could even increase the risk of death of part of the grass. Knowing this, it makes it easy to understand why lawns that are primarily in shade will need to have a longer cut than those which are grown in full sun. Lawn mowing and learning about its foibles can be a real chore for people. We are all guilty of putting off lawnmowing for too long sometimes and regular lawn mowing is also important …

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Finding the Right Lawn Care Service

Everyone wants that gorgeous lush lawn with a weed free look. Everyone wants healthy trees, healthy grass. Where you get your lawn care plays a big role in making sure that you get that. It’s a team effort that takes place between you and the lawn care professional that you hire. How do you find a lawn care professional and which one should you hire? Think of your lawn in the same way that you think of a healthy head of hair. Your barber or beautician provide regular hair cuts, perhaps conditioner and gives you advice on how to care for your hair to prevent damage to it. That kind of relationship is what you are looking for with your lawn care expert too. If you’re looking for a lawn care expert you will need one that is in the know about what they do and how it should be done. You will want a lawn care expert that will be able to explain what you need to know in order to keep your lawn looking great. From watering to fertilization your lawn care experts should be able to advise you. They should actually BE lawn care experts. They should be able to help you to find threats in your lawn from disease to pests and help you to find ways to treat them. So how do you get the lawn care company that will fill the bill? Here are a couple of things that you can look for in …

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Watering Your Lawn

  In hot dry weather such as is plentiful in Virginia, your lawn can take up to an inch of water or even more per week. You’ll want to water the lawn any time that you see the soil begin to be fully dry but preferably long before the grass begins to wilt. One good tip about when to water your Virginia Beach lawn is that you will notice a vast difference in the foot prints. If your footprints are not bouncing back up on the grass but instead are leaving a lasting print for a long period of time,. its past time to water the lawn. Basic Lawn Watering Principles. Morning watering is infinitely better than evening time. Wet grass overnight can encourage myriad types of diseases. Watering during the heat of the day may actually cook the lawn and can also be counterproductive in that the water is lost to more rapid evaporation. Water the lawn at a rate of about one half inch of water per hour. If you water the grass too rapidly you will cause runoff which wastes your time and your money You can test the rate of flow for a specific sprinkler by putting smaller cans in easy reach of the sprinkler and then measuring the water level about every 15 minutes. The most effective way for you to water your lawn will be drip irrigation or by soaker hoses with a timer attacked to allow your system to water in the morning …

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Lawn Mowing Laws?

Homeowners who are cutting their own grass or lawn care professionals will want to ensure that when they mow, they are not blowing the clippings into the street. Most lawn care professionals rake and bag the grass or mulch it or use other methods to remove it from the premises, but some homeowners are simply not picking up the grass. They don’t know about the codes say that blowing the lawn clippings anywhere except your own yard could qualify you for a fine. Blowing lawn clippings into the street is a violation of Virginia Code. According to VA Code 18.2-324, putting grass clippings in the road can create a hazard to people who are traveling on the roadway. While that traditionally means cars,it also means people on motorcycles as well as bicycles. “Grass clippings left on the road are not likely to create any hazard for cars, but if the clippings are thick or wet they could very easily cause traction problems for cyclists, particularly bicyclists,” said NBC12 legal analyst Betty Layne DesPortes. In a news broadcast, she asserted that “if the grass clippings create a traveling hazard, a person would be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor, carrying a penalty of up to 12 months in jail and a fine of $2,500. Be courteous, take an extra minute, and sweep up your grass clippings,” she concluded. “You don’t want to go to jail, or worse, cause serious injury to someone.” For help with your lawn care, Lenards Lawn Service gets …

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Common Virginia Grasses and Their Ups and Downs

Virginia is what is known as a “transition zone” when it comes to grass. What that means is that cold winters and long dry summers don’t allow for great choices when it comes to lawn grass. This is true for most of the state. A Virginia  lawn mowing service is probably the best option to help you to determine what is and is not the best grass for your particular area, to answer any questions you may have,  and to help you keep it looking great. Depending on what you’re looking for, every grass has strong points and weak points. They will adapt well in many cases but they need some special considerations in order to deliver you a top quality lawn that looks great for most of the year. In addition, you do want to–where possible– also give a nod to the environment so that has been taken into account as well. A few of the common turfgrasses that you will find  in Virginia include- Cool-season turfgrasses. The active growing season is late supper to early winter as well as early spring to early summer. They love a temperate climate that ranges from 65-75 for their growth. In mid-summer that growth will drop off dramatically. They adapt well to the hilly regions as well as the southwestern valleys but may struggle some in the tidewater areas. Tall fescue. The best turfgrass to adapt to anywhere across the state, tall fescue has more than a few redeeming features. It is …

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Safe Mowing Tips-From Our House to Yours

Lawn mowing and maintenance is something that everyone has to do. We all want to do the job well and also safely. According to the Center for Childhood Safety, preventable injuries are the number one cause of death among both children and adults in our country today. Whether you are paying a lawn service or you are doing the job yourself,  here are a few tips to help you to accomplish  your lawn mowing safely. Walk through the yard and pick up anything that may be lying there so that you prevent it from being thrown. Make it a point to remove all children and animals from the area while you are mowing. Keep them out until the mowing has been completed. Wear clothing that offers some measure of protection while you are mowing the lawn. Don’t wear flipflops or  sandals and make sure that you are wearing glasses or sunglasses during the time you are mowing or using the spin trimmer. Never disable any of the safety features on your mower. Make sure that if you let go of the handle that your mower will stop and prevent further cutting. Never park your lawnmower on the pavement while running. The mower can easily pick up particles and throw them much further on pavement than they will fly on the actual lawn. Don’t allow children under the age of 13 to operate lawn mowing equipment or to ride on a riding mower alone. Before any young person is given access …

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Lawn Fertilization in Virginia Beach

Virginians love the outside world. Lush green lawns and gently waving trees are part of the whole Virginia experience. Did you know that the way that you maintain your lawn or have it maintained can have a dramatic impact not only on its beauty but also on the world around you? One example of this is fertilizing your lawn. When the weather warms up and people see springtime in the offing, most people think of that brilliant green lawn and make plans to fertilize.  The problem with that is that springtime may not be the best time to fertilize. That’s what makes it so important to hire an expert who can advise you on the best times for specific types of treatments to your lawn. Making sure that you get the right kind of fertilizer and apply the right amount in the right way at the right time is imperative in order to get that great looking lawn that you want. Choosing Fertilizer In most cases, whether you do it yourself or your lawn care expert does it for you, before you begin a regimen of fertilizer a soil test is the best way to determine what your soil requires. The results of the test will tell you what the pH of the soil is as well as what kind and amounts of nutrients are already present in the soil. Based on the results of that you and your lawn care professional can find the right kind of fertilizer that …

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