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The Art of Landscaping

Landscaping to Lenard’s Lawn Service is much like a blank canvas is to a painter.  Nothing brings out the true brilliance of your home and has the neighborhood talking more than a great yard.  Landscaping is an art and, if done right, can transform an ordinary lawn into a masterpiece that makes a statement all year around.  We pride ourselves on award-winning lawns that makes your home a joyful and elegant haven that will rival even the best-dressed fairytale castles.

Practical Landscaping

There was a time years ago, that the only place for people to get flowers and greenery for the inside of their homes, was from their own yard or a fresh flower cart in the village square.  We enjoy creating and transforming our customer’s landscape into a resource that can beautify the inside of their home as well.  Many of our customers enjoy bringing the art we have created in their lawns into their homes by way of seasonal flowers and greenery.

Each plant, tree, shrub and blade of grass can be used in a practical way when you want fresh flowers and greenery for arrangements inside your home.  Imagine going to your your own flower beds and yard several times a week to pick flowers and greenery from your own yard to enhance the beauty of your home.  When you make an investment in your lawn, we believe you should be able to enjoy it inside your home as well as outside.

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Expert Craftsmanship Landscaping

Our customer’s lawns are second to none and becomes the home in the neighborhood that everyone talks about. The art we create rivals the most expert craftsmanship.  We can transform your yard into a pure joy to look at with the practical side that enables you to decorate the inside of your home with the same beauty of the landscaping on the outside.

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