It was a long winter and your lawn lay dormant for quite some time. It’s likely that it isn’t looking nearly as perfect as you wish it did even at this point. Even after you rake away the thatch and see some new growth, the lawn may still be looking a little the worse for wear.

if your lawn looks tired and brown, the odds are good that you need a little extra help from your lawn care professional.One way to help yuou to grow better grass is aeration. Just like any other plant, your grass needs to have oxygen to grow. Thanks to people using the lawn and walking on it. playing with pets and other things, the natural settling that takes place, the roots of your grass can compact and limit the amount of air/oxygen that can reach the roots of the grass. The result is that the lawn looks a lot less healthy than it did previously.

What is Aeration?

Aeration is basically poking holes in the lawn. It removes small pieces of soil and allows the air to flow better around the grass roots. It also allows the water and the food that you add to the lawn to get to the roots more effectively.Normally the process is done using something called a core aerator and can take a couple of hours if you have a fair sized lawn.

Why Should You Aerate?
Aeration is a very important part of your lawn staying green and healthy. By removal of some small amounts of soil, the grass roots can grow and spread making for a stronger and greener lawn. It can also help to lower the thatch that prevents water penetration. Your grass will be thicker and healthier and rquire less water to grow well.

When Should You Aerate the Lawn?

Knowing when to aerate the lawn is as important as knowing how. if you’re not sure of either one then it’s best to send the job to a professional to allow them to take care of the issue for you.The best time to aerate the grass will depend on the kind of grass that you have in your lawn. If you have cool weather grass such as Kentucky Bluegrass or Fescue or ryegrass, you can aerate in March or May or you can do it in the fall. If you have warm season grasses such as Bermuda grass then aeration between April and July is best. You should never aerate warm season grasses while they are dormant or until after it has turned green in the springtime.

Most grasses need aerated only one time per year.

As with nearly any lawn care job, you can quite likely do it yourself but before you do, why not consider passing the job to a lawn care professional. It is probably worth your time to hire an expert. Investing in the tools, the time and the high cost of mistakes may be a lot more costly than you think. In most cases, it’s smarter to just let the experts take care of your lawn aeration needs.

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