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If you are a lawn owner you have most likely wondered about automatic irrigation options that save you money and time watering your lawn. Most likely you currently use a garden hose connected to a sprinkler head and even a watering jug to water your plants. While this method of irrigation might work, they are time-consuming and can end up wasting a lot of water. A solution to watering your lawn and plants while saving you time and precious free time is installing an automatic irrigation system. When life is happening all around you, every bit of time you have for family or free time is important when considering your summer lawn care.

Irrigation Choices

When you have an irrigation system installed you have a couple of choices to chose from. There is an above ground system and an underground system of irrigation systems. The above ground system lays on the top of the ground and continuously drips water which then soaks into the ground providing water to the lawn and plants. The underground system is different in that it is basically invisible until it turns on. One on sprinkler heads throughout the system spray water in various patterns encompassing the watering area.

Both of these types of water delivery systems can save you time and money while producing a great looking and efficiently watered lawn. In addition, an automatic system can be set to water your lawn and plants in the early morning hours, which is recommended for keeping lawn and plant roots healthier.

Watering your lawn in the morning gives the water a chance to soak into the soil before the day heats up. While watering in the evening might make your lawn and plants wet

Irrigation Options

Determining which of the two systems boils down to some simple considerations. For the plant, beds ask yourself if your plant arrangement stays the same year around? If you change your plant bed arrangements each year digging up and realigning your plant bed irrigation system each year will be cumbersome. However, if you mind seeing a drip irrigation hose on the top of the ground, the underground system will be best. In both instances and above ground drip system can be run with a tiny hose that makes changing the arrangement easy while barely seeing it.

For lawns, the underground irrigation system works best as watering a large area with drip irrigation would require large amounts of hosing to lay across the grass. Underground systems are virtually invisible providing years of unobstructed, time saving and a cost-effective water sprinkler system.

You will love discovering how easy it is to maintain your lawn and plants while enjoying a better looking and healthier yard. If you are looking to upgrade your landscaping to an automatic irrigation system call a local professional and get a free quote on a cost-effective and time-saving solution.

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