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Mulch or ground cover is the backbone to any perfectly manicured lawn.  Though many people never think about ground cover, it is an important part of the life cycle to good lawn care.  When you curl up in bed to go to sleep at night, you might pull your favorite comforter or blanket up to keep in the warmth and regulate temperature.  Likewise, ground cover is a layer of organic or inorganic material that is spread on top of the soil in flowerbeds and around trees.  Not only does it look good, but it is also full of nutrients and has many important properties such as preventing soil erosion, maintaining moisture, and preventing weed growth.

In the summertime, ground cover can regulate temperature and keep soil moisture more constant.  In the winter it can act much like your down comforter does to insulate plant roots from the cold.  Mulch can also absorb rainfall and, by using nature, make it more cost effective to keep plants watered.

Kinds of Mulch

There are hundreds of varieties of ground cover and they are available in the colors of the rainbow.  The organic ground cover most widely used is wood chips.  Wood chip ground cover comes in any color and can also come dyed to accommodate the most extravagant taste.  The inorganic ground cover is typically rubber made from recycled tires or plastic.  Rock and gravel can also be used as ground cover.  So whatever your taste, to make your landscaping look its best, there is a mulch to fit the application.

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Typical Mulch Applications

Typically, mulch is applied at the beginning of the spring before weeds have a chance to grow and before flowers are planted.  By applying ground covering at the beginning of the growing season, the heat it maintains helps early plants with growth. Throughout the growing season covering for the ground is often reapplied as needed due to erosion.  During the summer months, ground covering helps to reduce soil temperature, assisting plants with cooler temperatures throughout the day during harsh summer months.

Mulch Needs

Whatever your mulch needs in Chesapeake, Lenard's Lawn Care Services has you covered.  We include mulch in our yearly services or we can deliver and install even if you are not a part of our regular service.  If you need an expert assessment of your mulch needs, we would enjoy the opportunity to visit your home and provide you with that.

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