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Blue Tag Certified Seed – It means that there are no weeds in the grass seed and you only get the highest quality possible.  Many companies don’t care what kind of seed they put in your yard.  But we do.  Your yard is where your family plays and lives and should only have the best quality.

The seed certification system is designed to preserve the genetic purity and identity of a plant variety. The program is overseen on a state-by-state basis. Each state government has a seed certifying division


The program ensures that the seed is produced, harvested, cleaned and tested under very strict guidelines.


Special land requirements:  The land must be free of noxious and restricted weeds. The land cannot have been planted to another variety or class of seed that could cross with the variety being planted. The amount of time land must be rested is dependent upon the length of time the previous crop seed or roots maintain viability. Furthermore, the land must be isolated from other fields growing similar but different varieties that could cross-pollinate with the crop.

Planting eligible crops: Eligible crops are governed by each states’ certifying agency. Typically, a crop is eligible if it has passed the review of one of the following review boards:

  • Plant Variety Protection Office
  • National Certified Variety Review Board, a division of AOSCA
  • Member agency of the AOSCA
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This is an international organization that, among other responsibilities, helps govern the international exchange of plant varieties

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