Just as the roots of your grass and plants require water and fertilizer or food, so too do they require oxygenation to help the grass to thrive.

At Lenard’s Lawn Care Service we have a long tradition of helping to obtain that lush green lawn that you are looking for and part of that is healthy oxygenation for the plants.

Lawn aeration helps the grass to achieve the maximum amount of oxygen that provides your grass with multiple benefits.

It allows water and fertilizer to penetrate deeper into the soil, reduces soil compaction, and improves the air-to-soil interaction.

Timing is just as important when it comes to aerating your lawn as it is with watering and mowing.

You can always aerate your lawn in the spring, but the most important time to do so is in the fall. It’s important to apply weed killers after you aerate your lawn so that the open holes can be protected against weeds.

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