In hot dry weather such as is plentiful in Virginia, your lawn can take up to an inch of water or even more per week. You’ll want to water the lawn any time that you see the soil begin to be fully dry but preferably long before the grass begins to wilt.

One good tip about when to water your Virginia Beach lawn is that you will notice a vast difference in the foot prints. If your footprints are not bouncing back up on the grass but instead are leaving a lasting print for a long period of time,. its past time to water the lawn.

Basic Lawn Watering Principles.

Morning watering is infinitely better than evening time. Wet grass overnight can encourage myriad types of diseases. Watering during the heat of the day may actually cook the lawn and can also be counterproductive in that the water is lost to more rapid evaporation.

Water the lawn at a rate of about one half inch of water per hour. If you water the grass too rapidly you will cause runoff which wastes your time and your money

You can test the rate of flow for a specific sprinkler by putting smaller cans in easy reach of the sprinkler and then measuring the water level about every 15 minutes.

The most effective way for you to water your lawn will be drip irrigation or by soaker hoses with a timer attacked to allow your system to water in the morning when it is most effective.

When you water very frequently and water lightly, it promotes very shallow rooting according to Virginia Agriculture. It will also make the plants less hardy and make them suffer more during a dry season. Conversely if you water too much then damage may be just as pronounced as not watering enough.

There is no substitute for water when the season ius very dry however make sure that you’re watering wisely and that you are adhering to your local water regulations or restrictions that may be in place.

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