Safe Mowing Tips-From Our House to Yours

Lawn mowing and maintenance is something that everyone has to do. We all want to do the job well and also safely. According to the Center for Childhood Safety, preventable injuries are the number one cause of death among both children and adults in our country today.

Whether you are paying a lawn service or you are doing the job yourself,  here are a few tips to help you to accomplish  your lawn mowing safely.

Walk through the yard and pick up anything that may be lying there so that you prevent it from being thrown.

Make it a point to remove all children and animals from the area while you are mowing. Keep them out until the mowing has been completed.

Wear clothing that offers some measure of protection while you are mowing the lawn. Don’t wear flipflops or  sandals and make sure that you are wearing glasses or sunglasses during the time you are mowing or using the spin trimmer.

Never disable any of the safety features on your mower. Make sure that if you let go of the handle that your mower will stop and prevent further cutting.

Never park your lawnmower on the pavement while running. The mower can easily pick up particles and throw them much further on pavement than they will fly on the actual lawn.

Don’t allow children under the age of 13 to operate lawn mowing equipment or to ride on a riding mower alone. Before any young person is given access to mow the lawn make sure that you go over all safety rules with them.

Do not cut the lawn when it’s raining or when the grass is very wet and slippery. Avoid using your mower or other lawn tools in lightning storms.

For good quality lawn care, use a professional lawn care service that hires accomplished professional lawn care experts.

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