Mowing your lawn doesn't seem like rocket science does it. In some cases you've been doing lawn mowing since you were a kid and the parents said, time to get that grass cut. The question is, even after all this time, what do you really know about mowing the lawn?

How much do you know about what kinds of grass should be mowed how often? What have you learned about the proper mowing height? if you're like the rest of us. the answer is next to nothing. That's many many people opt to hire a professional to care for their laws.

Why It's Important to Mow to the Right Height

The lawn that is correctly moved to the right height has some serious advantages. If you do mow properly your grass is going to be more drought tolerant. In addition, it will have fewer weeds and be overall much healthier. That means you get that lush green grass that is the talk of the neighborhood.

Different kinds of grass require different heights when you are mowing. As a general rule of thumb, grasses in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, as well as the Tidewater areas, require:

– Tall Fescue: 2”-4”

– Bermuda: 0.5”- 2.5”

– St. Augustine: 1”-3”

At Lenards Lawn Care, we recommend that you cut your lawn to the tallest recommended height. The reason is that deeper roots will allow the grass to be more drought and disease tolerant.

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